I’m a west coast kid chasing his dreams in the big city.

Hi, my name is Alex.

Growing up I was an avid sports fan. Not only did I spend my days chucking around the old pig skin with my buddies, my nights usually consisted of watching the BC Lions or glued to the TV watching features on Jerry Rice. I was a sports fanatic, and it translated into all aspects of my life. Lucky for me, I was able to turn this passion for sports into a career.

My childhood dream came true one day in May of 2013, when I was selected in the CFL Draft by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. We went on to win the Grey Cup that year, and it’s an experience I will never forget.

But the dream hasn’t stopped there. Throughout my professional football journey, I’ve realized that I love to create. My obsession with sports features and documentaries as a child, along with my first-hand experience in the professional sporting world, have shaped me into a compelling and creative storyteller, with the ability to capture raw emotion and connect with audiences on a large scale.

Now, I’m an award-winning videographer with a diverse portfolio which includes short social media video content, feature films, corporate videos, wedding videos and sports films.

Over the next few years, I hope to continue to tell inspiring stories with video. I am fascinated by the stories you have, and together we can bring them to life.

Yours truly,

Alex Anthony



The Squad.


Alex Anthony (Filmmaker & Storyteller)

I am a creative filmmaker who believes in the power of visual story-telling. I work with brands and individuals to bring their stories to life. My diverse portfolio includes corporate, wedding and creative projects, and I specialize in sports films. Together we can share your message with the world.


Meagan Suckling (Digital/Social Media Strategist)

I’m a digital story-teller with a proven track-record leading campaigns and providing strategic vision for organizations. I’m creative and metrics driven, with a strong background in many facets of marketing and communications. You can reach me at meagan.suckling@gmail.com.